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Neptune Supply Group is a Global Authorized Distributor for BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. focusing on Aquaculture and Environmental Solutions. Neptune has offices in the US, Central and South America to support our growing customer base. Providing solutions and support to the rapidly growing global aquaculture industry is our primary objective.

BiOWiSH is a revolutionary biological product with a proprietary combination of enzymes and probiotics delivered in a live microbial form that is a result of 20 years of research and development. By breaking down animal waste into natural end products like carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, and water, BiOWiSH Technology safely improves the water quality of farm ponds, and above all, the quality of the product within them. All BiOWiSH products are 100% natural and many are WSDA Certified Organic.


In the process of farming fish and crustaceans, animal waste is detrimental to the health and quality of the final product. Given that over half of the world’s seafood supply is sourced from farms, there is a strong demand for more efficient and sanitary cultivation conditions. BiOWiSH, through over 20 years of research and development, has created a solution to the harmful drawbacks that animal waste poses to farm sanitation. Once applied to farm ponds, BiOWiSH Technology quickly degrades organic waste and eliminates odor causing compounds, allowing for improved water quality, higher cultivation yields, and most importantly, a superior product for the consumer. BiOWiSH products are all-natural, and break down waste into organic compounds that are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

In addition to creating ideal farming conditions, BiOWiSH Technology enhances the growth and health of the creatures within them with its animal feed supplementation products. Used at all stages of the growing process for poultry, swine, fin fish, and shrimp, this natural microbial feed encourages healthy gut bacteria and superior growth. The quality of our customers’ products is our main priority, which is why we are committed to providing the most natural, safe, and sustainable product on the market.

Agronomy (Fruit Wash)

BiOWiSH Fruit and Vegetable Wash presents a solution to the undesired staining in bananas that results from the release of latex during cleaning. By efficiently removing this latex, BiOWiSH Wash eliminates staining that make bananas unsuitable for market distribution. In doing so, it improves the color and quality of the bananas, extending their shelf life by prolonging the ripening process and ensuring a superior product for the consumer. It also reduces the likelihood of defects or disease in the fruits, allowing producers to enjoy a more efficient output, and consumers to enjoy a safer product. Lastly, BiOWiSH Fruit and Vegetable Wash serves as a sustainable alternative to the traditional banana-cleaning process, requiring no abrasive chemicals and far less water than is typically used by other producers in the industry.

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